WP Blocks

WP Blocks is a full WYSIWYG content management solution for WordPress

Built on tried and tested best practices, WP Blocks allows you to create amazing WYSIWYG content management experiences as standard, maximising your existing skillset.

If you’re wanting to see how a theme uses WP Blocks, check out Campaign Pro.

Build amazing experiences

If you're a WordPress developer you already have the skills to create amazing experiences.

The best way to create world-class content management for WordPress

A toolset created for you

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WP Blocks takes the best bits of core wp, and builds on them to create a solution fit for sites that demand the very best in content management.

If you know HTML and CSS then you can pick up developing with WP Blocks in less time than it takes to watch a movie.


I'm a WordPress dev, how can I build a site with WP Blocks?

With the WP Blocks boilerplate, it’s amazingly simple.

Why should I build with WP Blocks?

If you build websites with WordPress then you already have the skills to create amazing WYSIWYG experiences. And if you create with Advanced Custom Fields you’re going to be right at home. WP Blocks is built on ACF, using PHP, jQuery and CSS. That’s it. No difficult JS library to learn, no compiler, no difficult workflow changes to get your head around. WP Blocks is refreshingly low-tech and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Wait a minute, isn't WP Blocks just like Gutenberg?

Yes and no. WP Blocks is built on Advanced Custom Fields, using PHP and jQuery and is refreshingly low-tech. Gutenberg is built using React, so unless you have a good grasp of React, doing custom things in Guternberg is tricky business. WP Blocks on the other hand was built for custom experiences.

Find out more on Github.